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Virtual office and start-ups: the winning formula!

January 2015 | Servcorp

Is your start-up operating at full capacity? If so, you must be thinking about investing further in its potential expansion. As a result of the economic crisis, uncertainty is still felt everywhere. This is even more relevant for independent entrepreneurs: you're confronted with various costs and unexpected expenses, which puts off a lot of entrepreneurs. Fortunately, nowadays there are flexible solutions which allow you to access an infrastructure that would usually be inaccessible for new entrepreneurs. Discover how to get backstage in the business world, where the real deals and the magic happens!

A well-structured business plan will help you realise your ambitions, but you're not immune from nasty financial surprises that can make your life more complicated- paying taxes, damages, rent and IT costs, etc. Reality can really diverge from a meticulously structured plan. So, you must want to invest in the future expansion of your start-up, whether that's in new infrastructures, higher-performing software or the recruitment of qualified personnel. To expand the profits of your start-up without raising financial risks, you should be thinking about economic solutions. Therefore, it's necessary to choose a flexible office solutions provider, who will respond in a cost-efficient way to all your professional needs. But what do we really mean by that? It's fairly simple: a virtual office answers all your needs!

What is a virtual office?

Although virtual offices are enjoying a growing amount of success, the term remains vague and lacks clarity for many among us. However, the concept is quite simple: a virtual office is found on a virtual platform, for which you only need an Internet connection. Contrary to classic offices, you don't have to rent a workspace to be able to keep in constant touch with your clients and partners around the world. It doesn't matter where you go, your office follows you everywhere. You work whenever and wherever you want, according to what works for you. However, the virtual office isn't limited to cloud computing. Thanks to the virtual office, you can set yourself up on the 88th floor of the One World Trade Center in New York or in the Louis Vuitton building on the Champs-Elysées. As dynamic as your start-up is without a virtual office, you could only imagine working in such a location. Discover all the advantages of a virtual office with three major pillars that define this ethos.

Offer a professional image to your business

The first pillar is the company domiciliation of a company. As first impressions are crucial in relations with your clients and potential sponsors, you won't be surprised to know that a prestigious business centre at the heart of a major city will inspire more trust and offer more credit than a site on the outskirts. However, to access a building like this, and to find where business really operates, you must pass a selection test based on your notoriety and your financial resources. Basically, this translates to spending 900 € per m2 / year for a minimum surface of 600m2 by paying 12 months rent in advance, to which is added the costs of planning space, IT installation, interviews, cleaning… a fortune!

By choosing a virtual office with Servcorp- world leader in the field- you will benefit from a fully equipped office with a hand-picked team ready to help. Worries about rent and administrative fees are over! You can ask for a company domiciliation in the city of your choice and manage your business professionally, without having to deal with the expenses of a fixed office. How much time does it take to become operational? Less than 15 minutes and $300 per month!

High level of service

The virtual office also offers you an important pillar based on communication. As a new entrepreneur, you still might not have a lot of resources (or time) to engage staff, but thanks to a flexible office solution, you can benefit from a specific support team. A multilingual and devoted receptionist will answer all your phone calls, manage your post and carry out all the tasks necessary for the smooth running of your operation. Your business will also benefit from a professional image, and you have all the flexibility necessary to completely dedicate yourself to its development. ‘An all new level of service', says Cherri Oakley of The Marketing Circle. ‘My team is always ready for me with a smile. Business has become a pleasure!'

Meetings in a prestigious environment

The last pillar of the virtual office resides in its physical aspect: meetings. You can rent a fully equipped office for a day, a month, or even longer. You have all necessary infrastructure custom made to welcome your clients in a prestigious centre of business, in metropolises like Brussels, Paris or London; a project that simply would be impossible if you had to finance it personally. In fact, anyone could put a table and a phone line in a room and call that a fully equipped office. What really makes the difference are the technological solutions that will really help your business progress. With a vast ICT infrastructure and a global VPN, you can make the most of an optimal communication system in all four corners of the globe.

One thing's sure: the virtual office has many advantages. Thanks to this economic formula, your business can benefit from the professional image it deserves, and you receive your clients in an exclusive environment. An affordable luxury, with which you'll definitely make a great first impression! This is why a flexible office situation is ideal if you're looking for the infrastructure and the professional support of a multinational company, without having to stretch to investment or any of the other obligations this implies. It's a total business solution that will help you save time and money without having to concede anything in terms of quality. All the same, small SMEs can become prosperous multinational companies. The only way is up!