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  • 6 tips to become successful

    2015 | Servcorp

    To become successful, you have to adopt habits that will make you successful. Because the person at the top didn't end up there by accident. Successful people believe in something so strongly that they are passionate about reaching their goal. And despite other people's objections, they remain true to their own ideas and principles. With some good will and thanks to these 6 habits, you'll build your own road to success.

  • Virtual office and start-ups: the winning formula!

    2015 | Servcorp

    Is your start-up operating at full capacity? If so, you must be thinking about investing further in its potential expansion. As a result of the economic crisis, uncertainty is still felt everywhere. This is even more relevant for independent entrepreneurs: you're confronted with various costs and unexpected expenses, which puts off a lot of entrepreneurs. Fortunately, nowadays there are flexible solutions which allow you to access an infrastructure that would usually be inaccessible for new entrepreneurs. Discover how to get backstage in the business world,
    where the real deals and the magic happens!