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April 2014 | Servcorp

Key Factors !

Choosing a space for your business is a huge decision .

There are key factors when you first rent an office space .We've listed them here, and we suggest you to map them out very carefully.

the first element is to determine how much space is necessary for you to operate…And be realistic !

Don't take on more space than you need.

Now that the “size” of your office is set, let’s start looking at the key factors.

1. Location

It is essential to be where your clients are. If you’re working with French companies in Paris, don’t try to find a place 80Km away from your clients !

Your office location will also reflect on your Business. Be in the heart of Paris will provide a better impression to your clients than be in the center of an industrial zone !

You can hire a serviced office in the best location in your city for a fraction of the cost of a “real” office. This should be prestigious enough for most businesses

Your location will also play a role in the recruitment process

If your business requires highly skilled and professional employees, a location near the more successful suburbs would be best.

2. Access

So you want the suite that's in the heart of downtown, surrounded by nothing but other office buildings? Well, that's fine, but you better be sure you have an easy access to your office.

Subway, Roads, Bus, etc… are different factors that will help you performing while you’re trying to have new meetings with your clients.

You want to have a smooth ride to and from work for you and your employees, without having to pay a meter, find a space, or worry about a ticket. You also don't want your clients to have to worry about that either, so be sure to have your own spaces reserved somewhere close by.







3. Office Flexibility : How to expand ?

This is especially important in office space for start-up companies. While you want to remain modest and pay for only what you need in the short term, you also want to have the option to expand quickly along with your company.

If you need a conference room a new important meeting… a Serviced office can provide you a quick access to a conference room with all you need to operate in comfort while in an office that you bought, you might miss space to do that !

What if you need to expand your IT services ? You need to start web conference, working in the Cloud, Call management…but you don’t know how to expand. With an office ready for extension you can start dealing with your new priorities in less than a week.

With Servcorp you will find all these aspects in one place. But you’ll have more !

All included in the monthly rent, with 5-star office environment with high quality furniture and IT infrastructure. Communications, human resources and meeting rooms are pay-as-you-go basis when you need it !

Dedicated fully trained receptionist  answers your calls with your company name and transfers calls as you have instructed. You will not miss any call .No call centre and no temps

So why bother of looking for the place you need, when everything is already waiting for you ?