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Biggest mistakes people make at meetings

May 2013 | Marcus Moufarrige

Not setting an agenda

When you know a client well or think you have a firm grasp of what's expected, it can be tempting to simply wing a get-together. This is never advisable. Always prepare an agenda you can refer to throughout the meeting to ensure you remain in control of the direction and that all essential topics are covered.

Failing to decide on actions for people

Some meetings can feel productive at the time, but ultimately prove to have been useless. The most common cause of this problem is a failure to give people specific follow-up tasks.

During your meeting, create points of action for individuals and make sure everyone understands their objectives. Always record these, as well as any other decisions made, and send copies to all participants after your meeting.

Inviting too many people

For a smooth and efficient business meeting, it is essential that you limit the number of people you involve. An overly large meeting quickly becomes unwieldy and ineffective. Take a tip from Google and limit meetings to fewer than 10 members where possible.

Choosing the wrong location

The location you choose for your business meeting can have a huge effect on its outcome. While a coffee shop or restaurant may be acceptable for casual catch-ups, they do not offer the professional air crucial for successful meetings.

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