Servcorp FAQs: Help, Answers & Frequently Asked Questions

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We'd love to help you find the best office solution for your business


Serviced Offices

What is a Servcorp Serviced Office ?

As a Servcorp client, your Serviced Office includes :

  • A fully furnished office suite
  • A dedicated receptionist
  • Secretarial services and a multilingual personal assistant
  • Fully equipped corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms and day suites
  • Leading IT and communications technology, including Servcorp Online
  • A magnificent reception with spectacular views
  • A contemporary kitchen with a fully stocked fridge and coffee machine

Where are your Serviced Offices located ?

Australia :  Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney

New Zealand : Auckland, Wellington

Japan : Fukuoka, Yokahama, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka

Asia : Hyderabad, Beijing, Manila, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Singapore, Mumbai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong

Middle East : Abu Dhabi, Kuwait City, Beirut, Riyadh, Istanbul, Jeddah, Manama, Al Khobar-Dammam, Doha, Dubai

Europe : Paris, London, Brussels

USA : Washington DC, Miami, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Boston, Atlanta, Tysons Corner, New York, Dallas, Irvine, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago

How can I arrange a tour of your Serviced Offices ?

We believe to fully understand Servcorp you need to see it for yourself.
Please request a tour and we will happily arrange an office tour in a location convenient to for you.

How many people can a Servcorp office accommodate ?

Your Serviced Office can cost effectively and comfortably accommodate up to 10 team members.

How long is my Serviced Office contract commitment ?

The minimum contract term at Servcorp is one month.

Virtual Offices

What is a Servcorp Virtual Office ?

A Servcorp Virtual Office is everything but the office.
You can choose to work from home, or from anywhere and get the professional team, facilities and infrastructure of a multinational corporation, without the cost.
A Servcorp Virtual Office will help you reduce your overheads and costs including rent, hiring and training the right staff and technology.
Choose the package that best fits your needs and budget.
From a simple address, meeting or communication package to a combination or all three you choose what you need for your business.

How would a Virtual Office enable me to work from home ?

The Servcorp Virtual Office is invaluable to your business if you are working from home or from anywhere, the Virtual Office Includes :

  • A prestigious address in any one of our 155 worldwide locations
  • A local business telephone number
  • A dedicated receptionist managing your calls at your chosen location
  • Worldwide access to boardrooms, meeting rooms and day offices for as little as 10 minutes or the entire day
  • Instant online booking system ensures easy, fast and secure bookings

What are the costs involved in a Virtual Office ? And are there any hidden costs ?

There are no hidden costs.
You have one fixed cost : your monthly Virtual Office membership fee.
For additional services Servcorp charges by usage.
Basically you pay for what you use only, nothing else.

How do I become a Virtual Office member ?

You won't believe how simple it is to join the Virtual Office Revolution.
You simply choose the package[s] and location of your choice enter your credit card details and you will be fully  operational in less than 5 minutes ! Alternatively contacts us for more information

How long is my Virtual Office contract commitment ?

One month. A Servcorp Virtual Office is a month to month commitment, there are no long term contracts and no security deposit if you pay by credit card.


What services does Servcorp provide ?

Servcorp provide Serviced Offices and Virtual Offices. Additionally, as a Servcorp client you have at your disposal :

  • A professional, motivated office support team at your service, but not on your payroll
  • A prestigious business address for your business cards, letterhead and promotional material
  • Elegant, fully equipped corporate boardroom and meeting room facilities worldwide
  • The most up to date IT and telecommunications infrastructure

Can Servcorp provide a receptionist to answer my calls in my company name ?

Yes, simply select the Communications Package or The Virtual Office Package.
Your Servcorp receptionist will answer your calls promptly in your company name and exactly as per your instructions.
Our highly trained receptionists operate the finest communications equipment available.
Your line will never ring engaged and your communications will be handled professionally and confidentially.
There can be no mistakes.
Your incoming calls are transferred to your home, office, mobile phone or anywhere in the world. You choose how you want to receive your messages.

I would like to expand into new cities. How can Servcorp help ?

When you join Servcorp's network of Serviced or Virtual Offices worldwide we can help you expand into any Servcorp city.
With Servcorp you can have the presence of a multinational without the overheads or costs.
We will set you up in the city of your choice and you will be operational in minutes!
Also, if you are a Serviced Office client, you can "Test the Waters" in a different location within the Servcorp network with a free 2-month Virtual Office membership (standard usage charges apply).

What is Servcorp Online ?

Developed specifically for our clients, Servcorp Online allows you to :

  • Manage your call diversion, call answering and messages online in real time
  • Book meeting rooms, boardrooms, facilities and resources instantly
  • Manage and change your bookings online and real time
  • Manage your business services, book a courier, stationery and translation services
  • Download and view your invoices at any time

Who do I contact if I want more information ?

Click Contact Us and Servcorp Manager will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

I am interested in joining Servcorp, how should I apply ?

Servcorp provides a unique boutique culture across its locations worldwide. We are a highly reputable and dynamic organisation with a carefully chosen team. If you are interested in joining the Servcorp team email